Study abroad


We plan faculty led study abroad program for universities in the United States who seek different experiences and wish to explore Iceland as well as relating it to their curriculum and studies.

Educational tours

We offer educational journeys around Iceland for people of all ages. The tours focus on Icelands landscape and culture in a friendly atmosphere with a personal touch. Come as a guest, leave as a friend. 

Visit west Iceland and learn about the early settlers and heros of the Icelandic sagas. Who were Guðríður Bjarnadóttir and Snorri Sturluson?

Study abroad

Understand Iceland specializes in faculty led study abroad tours for universities to Iceland.

We tailor make educational activity tours for alumni groups. Explore Icelandic nature, culture and heritage through soft activities. 

7 - 16 July 2020

Everybody knows that girls just want to have fun! And that is excactly what our trips are all about, fun! Join us on an all girls trip of a lifetime!

Private tour on request

Tour the Golden circle without the rush. Get to know the locals with a local and experience something unique. You still get to see all the natural wonders. 

Sept and March every year

We welcome women who want to travel in a safe manner, visit natural wonders, eat good food, bond with friends and knit under the northern lights.