We offer custom-made tours for groups that want to visit Iceland for local activities, nature
exploring or have special interests or requests. Our educational, “soft adventure” trips are based
on the groups’ interests and activity level. We introduce groups to spectacular landscapes and
places rich in culture and history.

We offer the following:

History, culture and heritage tours: Want to step into the footsteps of the settlers of Iceland,
visit archaeological sites of Viking ruins, travel to the sights of the Icelandic sagas, and see
one-of-a-kind artifacts? We take you to various saga locations and tell you ancient stories, as
well as guide you around spectacular natural formations.

Nature exploring tours: Visit waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, glaciers, mossy lava
fields, puffin cliffs, glacier lagoons and more.

Activity tours: We’ll take you on the tour of a lifetime. Want to try rafting in a glacial river,
kayaking off the South Coast next to seals, hiking on a glacier or active volcano, biking in a
UNESCO World Heritage Site or riding on an Icelandic horse (not to be mistaken for a pony!)?
Do you have other ideas for activities? Please let us know and we will include them.

Knitting tours: Meet local knitting circles, visit farmers who produce Icelandic wool, shop for
wool at local wool markets, stop by wool galleries, take plenty of time to knit, eat local food with
good company and see spectacular landscapes while knitting on the bus.

Culinary food trips: Travel around Iceland while treating your tastebuds to that this small
island’s culinary delights: fresh fish and the best lamb in the world, local beer and
greenhouse-grown vegetables. If you want, you can even sample nasty treats like rotten shark
and rams’ testicles!

Women’s tours: We combine all of the above in tours for women only. On our women’s trips,
something magical happens — laughter, smiles, bonding, empowerment and long-lasting
friendships. Bring your friend, your mom, your daughter, your neighbor, your colleague — or
show up on your own!

Each of our tours focuses on a different region of Iceland — including the South Coast, the
Westfjords and northern Iceland — which means you can keep coming back to this delightful
North Atlantic island.

If you have other interests — such as music, art or architecture — please let us know and we
will do our best to meet your wishes.

Every group is led by a local Icelandic guide. We are passionate about every tour we create and
proud of our personalized service.

Send us an email to inquire or book a specialized tour.