Global fisheries and climate change

Seminars on fisheries are split into three parts:

1: Global fisheries: the importance of fisheries globally and the place of Iceland in terms of that. The importance of fish in global trade and value creation in fisheries. 

2: Transformation of the Icelandic fish industry: The transformation of the Icelandic fish industry from being seasonal industry into one of the most modern and competitive fish industry in the world will be introduced. Today the industry is focusing on serving the markets instead of being harvesting driven. Comparisons will be made with other countries how fisheries perform. 

3: Fisheries and climate change: What is predicted to happen with the fisheries? Examples from Iceland and adjacent areas on the effect of warming.



Ögmundur Knutsson

Associated professor at University of Akureyri


Hreiðar Þór Valtýssson

Assistant professor at University of Akureyri