Icelandic quota system

The presentation focuses on fisheries in Iceland and why the Icelandic quota system was installed. It starts with a brief overview of the very debated Icelandic transferable quota system, arguments against the system and the overall goals of fisheries management in general. A brief history of Icelandic fisheries follows, including information of the cod wars and previous problems with overfishing of Icelandic fish stocks. The installation of the quota system and the effects of the system as of today is then discussed, whereas the quota system and the technological innovation in fisheries has been linked to population and jobs being lost in rural areas. The presentation also explains how rural areas in Iceland have coped with the loss of fisheries, the adaptation of the coastal fishing system and the controversial subject of whale watching versus whale hunting in Iceland. Finally the presentation airs thoughts about who owns the fish in the sea and foundations for taxation of the fishing industry.