"Sustainable Iceland"

Understand Iceland is committed to connect students with experts and communities of wide array of topics, through lectures, field visits and excersises. 


Renewable energy

Iceland presents a unique situation in a world where climate change is making it necessary for countries to implement sustainable energy solutions.  Almost 100% of the electricity consumed in the country comes from renewable energy, and 9 out of 10 houses are heated with geothermal energy. Can Iceland's transition from fossil fuels serve as an inspiration to other countries and be applied as a model for the rest of the world? 

Students visit experts at geothermal powerplants, hydro dam sites and windmill projects. They will have the opportunity to understand how geothermal, hydro and wind power is utilized for electicity and house heating in Iceland.





Tourism Management

Nature conservation




Effects of climate change are becoming increasingly common and more and more people are worried about the effects it has on the ecosystems,  ocean wildlife, weather patterns and their daily lifes.  increased ecological imbalances. Many seek answers and ponder the best way to reverse this trend.

Americans are among the nations that release a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, but at the same time the nation that could turn the trend around by adopting new solutions.

US universities send student groups around the world to gain the knowledge they can bring home and benefit the nation. Interest in staying in Iceland has grown greatly in recent years in the United States and annually brings numerous groups to Iceland. Some of these groups come to Iceland to study sustainability and environmental issues in particular.

In Iceland, there are numerous individuals, companies and institutions that have environmental protection and sustainability as their guiding light and worth visiting and learning from.

The information package "Sustainable Iceland" summarizes information about these parties, and you can see an overview of the projects, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, teaching, visits and volunteer projects that are offered in Iceland and university groups can make use of them.

The aim of the Sustainable Iceland educational package is to enable students to study the environmentally friendly solutions in Iceland that can encourage climate change. That they find ways to adopt a green lifestyle and more sustainability in their own lives.

The list shows different categories but within each category there may be different individuals, companies, companies and organizations. Organizations or organizations can also belong in many categories. The categories are presented in alphabetical order for simplification. This is not an exhaustive list, as many parties come to some extent to the subject.

"Sustainable Iceland" can be seen as a living document that can be refined continuously as more people join the group.