The Biosphere of extreme Ecosystems in Iceland.


Extreme ecosystems are widely spread all over Iceland, in lava caves, hot springs, glacial rivers, sandy deserts and natural gas sepage pockmarks as well as in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor of Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland. Extreme organisms are commonly found in such extreme ecosystems, for instance bacteria with analogy to planet Mars and bacteria and other organisms that may have a wide utilization potential in waste and biopolymer degradation etc.


Oddur Þór Vilhelmsson

Professor at University of Akureyri



Oddur ​Þór Vilhelmsson is a professor of biotechnology at University of Akureyri. His lab focuses on bacterial-fungal symbiotic associations and on bioprospecting Arctic and sub-Arctic habitats for environmental biotechnology applications.