The climate crisis - what have we done and what can we do?

Sævar focuses on the beauty of the earth and explains how it is changing because of human consumption and waste. He talkes about climate change and it's effect on Iceland and the world. How air pollution,  acidification of the ocean, plastic pollution and other factors are disrupting the ecosystems of the world. He discusses how people are increasingly getting disconnected to nature but how vital it is that we protect our earth as there is no plantet B. Sævar observes the earth in context with the universe to stress the importance of nature protection and discusses possible solutions for individuals and communities for a more sustainable future.


Sævar Helgi Bragason

Freelance lecturer and educater


Sævar Helgi is an astronomy educator with a passion for communicating science. He has worked for TV and published several books on astronomy, aurora borealis, aliens and the universe. His passion is to educate young people about science and the importance of protecting mother nature.