Golden circle with a local is a tour for people who want to experience the wonders of the Golden Circle in a different way. People who want to experience all the other little things around the circle that are just as interesting and exciting as Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hotspring. 

Tour the Golden circle with Herdís Friðriksdóttir, a local who has lived in the area for 12 years. Meet the people who build the community in the Golden Circle, people who grow flowers and vegetables in greenhouses, people who run a permaculture farm and drive an eco village. Hear the folklore and local stories, see other natural wonders not yet discovered by tourists, bake bread in the hotspring and eat it in a cave. Discover the world beyond the Golden Circle.

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Knitting under the northern lights

18 - 22 march 2020 - 5 days / 4 nights

The tour is packed with knitting adventures as the group will visit woolshops and galleries, meet other motivated knitters, attend a workshops in spinning, wrapping and dying wool. They will visit sheep and goatfarms, see the animals and learn about the uniqueness of the icelandic wool. They will get to know the process of producing wool from the sheepfarm to woolshop.  There will be plenty of time for knitting but also for good food, wine, laughter and joy! The group will be accompanied Herdís Friðriksdóttir, a enthusiastic knitter and a local guide. 

The tour is planned in March and September as this is the time when the northern lights are the most visible in Iceland. By staying in Iceland for 5 days in this time period guests are maximizing their chance to see the northern lights. However, seeing the northern lights depends on the cloudiness in the sky so nothing is guaranteed. 

We look forward to knitting with you!

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Iceland is known for its strong women — and we would like you to become one of them! Travel in the footsteps of powerful Icelandic women throughout the country’s history, getting to know figures from the time of settlement in the 9th century until modern times. Amidst leisurely outdoor activities, you’ll hear women’s stories every step of the way.


Over the course of just 10 days,  you’ll get to know the stories of remarkable Icelandic women, Björk, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Vilborg Arna and more. Meet contemporary entrepreneurs, learn about the hardship and determination of settlement-era women, gain insight into the feminine side of the medieval era, witness the skill and expertise of fisherwomen and follow Agnes Magnúsdóttir — the last Icelander to be executed — in her last steps.

What’s more, you’ll eat delicious local food, enjoy Icelandic beer and chocolate, have fun, laugh, cry, bond and make new friends. Get ready to become a dóttir * in Iceland!

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Viking visions is a tour for people interested in culture and heritage of Iceland. The tour will take you around Snæfellsnes peninsula, through West Iceland and to Skagafjörður in North Iceland where the historic battle of Örlygsstaðir was fougth in  the year 1238 in the midst of the Sturlung era.  Visitors will get a good insight into the lifes of settlers and vikings trough exhibitions and stories from local guides.

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We specialize in study-abroad trips for universities in the United States that want to integrate environmental and sustainability studies into their curricula.
Our field excursions primarily focus on Iceland’s active geography and fragile ecosystems. Students will experience hands-on the stunning volcanoes, lava fields, black beaches and glaciers that dot this small island.

By working with academic departments and research institutes in Iceland, we connect students with local experts and explore the country through visits, lectures and field activities. 


We are passionate about every tour and proud of our personalized service. Topics include a range of diverse themes from geology, geography, biology, sustainability, tourism management and nature conservation to history, archaeology and culture.

The groups are always led by an Icelandic guide.

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In addition, we offer custom tours for women’s groups focusing on a subject of your choice. You can tailor your trip around geology, birds, handicraft, gastronomy, photography, archaeology, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, history, culture, or even genealogy. The groups are always led by an Icelandic guide.

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Specialized tours for alumni associations interpret the rich history and geology of Iceland. We tailor trips for these groups based on interest and activity level while making sure to include beautiful sights and regions steeped in history and culture. The groups are always led by an Icelandic guide.

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We’ll work with you to create 7–9-day adventure tours among the stunning landscapes of Iceland. Each day is packed with outdoor activities: hiking, glacier walking, bicycling, river rafting, kayaking and horseback riding are just a few options. We take pride in planning trips beyond the tourist sites — where our guests get an authentic experience of the countryside, interacting with locals and learning about the country’s culture and history. The groups are always led by an Icelandic guide.

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